Ridgedale Brigitte

Brigitte is  a young girl still to have kittens.  She is 9 months old in this photo and has a lovely short, velvety light blue coat.  She also has amazing eye colour and has the most gentle and cuddly personality although is full of mischief most of the time.

Ellanvannin Enchanted My Lady

Daughter of Ellanvannin Miss Tiny Hermione and Ellanvannin Tennyson (now retired).  Here she is just approaching 5 months old in this photo. . She is sassy and has a powder blue coat and lovely body type.

Doublestar Angelica

A chocolate-silver tabby girl with a very pale coat (which is what I prefer) and lovely distinct chocolate spots.  A very affectionate girl who is quiet and yet playful. Seen here not quite a year old.

Ellanvannin Jem

A chocolate female with the most gentle of personalities. She is talkative and extremely friendly and produces the most rotund and angelic kittens.  Her claws seldom come out and she is very sweet and non-aggressive towards other cats.

Sharad Queen Of Hearts

From Adelaide Australia on the 5th February 2020.  A delightful little blue bi-colour with a powder blue coat and a lovely white, balanced, bi-colour face.  She's affectionate, playful and gentle as can be.  Pictured here at 6 months old.

Ellanvannin Blueberrry Muffin (Gen 2)

" A pretty little bluecream with absolutely  the personality to die for.  Friendly, affectionate and inquisitive.  Just an absolute joy of a cat to own.  Daughter of Ellanvannin Miss Pretty in Pink and Ellanvannin Cream (Gen 1).  I have high hopes for the kittens this girl may produce. in the future."

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