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FOR SALE kittens or retiring cats are on the "Kittens Available"  page in the menu.  If there are NO kittens on that page there are NONE FOR SALE.  Please phone 06 3799022 to purchase a kitten, or alternatively email through the contact page.

Please read the  "History" (together with the "Gallery label) page which lists British Shorthair  temperament and especially its known dislike for being picked up,  BEFORE you decide this breed is the cat for you.


My name is Hilary and I have been breeding for over twenty years and my small hobby-cattery is in mid-Wairararapa, New Zealand, an hour and a half from the capital city Wellington.   I am a registered breeder with New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. I have two prefixes Ellanvannin and Doublestar.

My breeding cats are my PETS, treated and groomed with love always.  They are all handled and all kittens are the same. They are NOT kept in dog crates and can mooch about on a large grassed and secluded backyard purposely built for their safety and enjoyment of life. Some live permanently inside my home with me. When my queens have finished breeding I advertise for new homes with caring owners, so repaid  for producing beautiful kittens with a suitable kind and loving home to retire.

My studs also can, and do, use this outdoor space. The cats' housing is large and spacious and NB.  EXCEEDS THE BREEDING STANDARD REQUIREMENT and faces onto the grassed compound. Most cats have a house to themselves or two maximum. When the queens have kittens I take the pick for showing  and others can be purchased as pets only.  I do NOT BREED to public requirements and over-stock my premises with cats. I  DO NOT BREED for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. I breed solely for the enjoyment that others might share a special and loving bond with an exceptional breed of cat.

This is a specifically British Shorthair website, I do no breed anything else. Please understand "British Blue" is a British Shorthair cat not a breed of its own but just a colour, one of over 150 colours.

In the gallery please enjoy photos from new owners and myself. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ALL THE INFORMATION regarding what you get with your kitten purchase, SEE ALL KITTENS - YOUR GUARANTEE (below ).


All Kittens - Your Guarantee at the time of purchase
  1. Each kitten is treated with loving kindness AND thoroughly vet checked twice.  All my breeding stock is DNA tested PKD negative with supporting documentation.
  2. FULL and CORRECT WRITTEN PEDIGREES come with all kittens registered by New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc. Ownership is legitimately transferred by NZCF Inc.
  3. All kittens will be rehomed only when females are at 12 weeks old thereabouts and males 10 weeks old thereabouts. Homing depends on desexing having taken place and no new owner is to assume that the kitten is free to go simply on attaining that age as other factors such as obtaining veterinary appointments may come into play.  No kitten will be sold entire to anyone and the kitten is MICROCHIPPED at desexing whilst under sedation, and is registered on the NZ Companion Animal Database.
  4. All kittens are vaccinated once at 8 weeks old.  The second vaccination should be done by the new owner at 16 weeks old. Please visit:-catinfo.org/vaccines-for-cats-we-need-to-stop-overvaccinating our cats by Lisa Pierson.
  5. Each kitten is checked by a vet before rehoming and independent of the vet doing desexing and the first vaccination.
  6. KITTENS bred in my premises are litter trained, as I, and their mothers' teach them.  They are raised in a highly-maintained litterbox environment, so this is a natural process and their behaviour will continue IF you follow instructions that come with the kitten and don't deviate.
  7. Wormed regularly. My cats DO NOT HAVE FLEAS and if you buy one I will tell you the SECRET of not using chemicals. It is easy.
  8. Kittens leave with generous sponsorship of food, by Royal Canin.
  9. Prices for kittens are available on request.

Please be aware that "Shipping of kittens or retired cats"  (by Air NZ )to other towns will be done  when convenient for me, and presently as preferred by AIR NZ......... NOT ON WEEKENDS.

Please note as from June 2018

The  possibility  to view and inspect my premises  IS NO LONGER  permitted by casual visitations.   This is because there is a reportedly virulent  Catflu virus in NZ and I will not expose my cats, and especially little kittens to the risk of infection, by visitors who have recently visited other catteries (without disclosure of this visit to me)  and/or have an older or other cat in their homes which could carry ANY virus. . ANY catflu virus can be  be fatal to my kittens. This restriction does not exclude a meeting with me in person at my home....just exposure to my cattery.

Kittens will be available only when listed FOR SALE. Reserved kittens paid for by a securing deposit, may be viewed in my home BUT No handling is permitted and only 2 adults allowed to view at a time, when the kitten is 8 weeks old and vaccinated for the first time.

NO DEPOSIT is REFUNDABLE. Please be aware I have the discretion to refuse to allow a kitten to be homed if I feel they are going to be placed in an unkind, dangerous or ill-informed home and/or one of my adult cats suffers injury or dies unexpectedly and I need a promised kitten for breeding to take its place. With such a circumstance occurring,  the deposit will then be refunded.

Photos to be requested by secured purchasers on Thursdays please.


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