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Updated Saturday 9th December  2017.

              Kittens Expected

1)   "Doublestar Platinum Sapphire" due to kitten on the 14th December.  Kittens expected could be black or chocolate silver tabbies.

2)  "Lilybelle Champagne on Ice" due to kitten on the 24th December.  Kittens expected will be lilac or lilac colourpoints.

3)  "Doublestar Pingzu" due to kitten 20th January 2018.  Kittens likely to be chocolate silver tabby or Chocolate tabby.
















  This is Harison. I thank you for looking but Harison sold with 24 hours of being listed and has gone to live in Lower Hutt with a lovely young family.  If you want a kitten like this please consider placing and order as they seldom will appear for sale on this website.






Male British Blue















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