Welcome.  You are about to view the cats of Ellanvannin and Doublestar breeding cattery.


 PLEASE INSPECT MY WEBSITE BEFORE CONTACTING ME. Updated Saturday 11th March. There is NO "waiting list" without a securing deposit.

My name is Hilary and I have been breeding since 1999 and my boutique cattery is in Carterton, Wairararapa, New Zealand. I am a  registered breeder with New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc.

I have two prefixes Ellanvannin and Doublestar. I use Doublestar mostly for my tabby cats and Ellanvannin is my original prefix.

My breeding cats are my PETS.  When the queens have kittens I take the pick for showing purposes and any others not required for showing can be purchased as pets only.  I do NOT BREED to public requirements and over-stock my premises with cats.

 Some of my breeding cats have been exported to Australia as some have been imported also.  Some pets have been exported to Asia.  

My animals can use a large grassed and secluded backyard purposely built for their safety and enjoyment of life to play and lie about in the sun, which they do daily as weather permits.  My studs also use to this outdoor space. The cats' housing is large and spacious and far exceeds the breeding standard requirements. Most of them have a house to themselves or two maximum.

In the gallery please enjoy photos from new owners, or photos I have submitted.

The website notifies  of future upcoming litters on the “Kittens Available” page. Please contact me ONLY when kittens are expected or if I am offering a pet for homing that was formerly used for breeding.


At $850 each, a kitten has been treated with loving kindness AND thoroughly vet checked 3 times.  All current breeding stock is DNA tested PKD negative with supporting documentation. NB price increase applicable in March 2017.

Please be aware that "Shipping of kittens or retired cats"  (by Air NZ )to other towns will be done on Fridays or weekends only, school holidays when convenient.

FULL and CORRECT WRITTEN PEDIGREE PAPERS with all kittens registered with New Zealand Cat Fancy Inc and provided to the new owners.

Kittens will be homed at 12 weeks of age and NO SOONER.

Vaccinated  twice, neutered and or speyed.  NO KITTEN IS SOLD ENTIRE.

At my discretion most frequently a FELIWAY DIFFUSER,  which vapourizes a pheromone to settle/destress kitten in its new home, is offered with  $50 refundable upon diffuser return.

Completely litter-trained ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEED.

Wormed regularly. Flea-free with no chemicals.  I believe in organic management of fleas, no vermin are found on any of my breeding stock.

Kittens leave with generous sponsorship of food, and ALL THE INFORMATION needed to keep your kitten progressing well.

Micro-chipping is RECOMMENDED and can be arranged……but at EXTRA COST

Please note as from July 2016


All Kittens - Your Guarantee

Kittens may be booked with a deposit WHEN they ARE EXPECTED or BORN. A visitation to view for 2 adults is allowed at 8 weeks of age.  Please DO NOT arrive with an entourage and expect to view as this frightens kittens and queens who are only used to me and my voice and radio.  No handling is permitted.

NO DEPOSIT is refundable .Please be aware I have the discretion to refuse to allow a kitten to be homed if I feel they are going to be placed in an unkind, dangerous or ill-informed home and/or one of my adult cats suffers injury or dies unexpectedly and I need a promised kitten for breeding to take its place. With such a circumstance the deposit will then be refunded.

Photos to customers sent on weekends only

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